4th Grade Math PowerPoints

Addition/Subtraction Multiplication/Division Geometry Fractions and Decimals
Add. and Sub. Fact Families Distributive Property 3-D Figures Add Fractions With Like Denominators
Addition Patterns Division Patterns Angles Add Fractions With Unlike Denominators
Estimate Difference Estimate Products (1 digit factor) Area of Complex Figures Adding Decimals
Estimate Sums Estimate Products (2 digit factors) Area of Rectangles Compare and Order Decimals
Mental Math for Addition Estimate Quotients Congruent/Similar Figures Compare and Order Fractions
Mental Math for Subtraction Factors Lines, Line Segments, Rays Decimals Greater than 1
Properties of Addition Division with 2-3-digit dividends Perimeter Decimals
Subtraction Patterns Division with 4-digit dividends Perimeter Area Practice Equivalent Fractions
  Division with 5-digit dividends Quadrilaterals Estimate Differences with Decimals
  Division with Base Ten Blocks Same Areas Same Perimeters Estimate Sums with Decimals
  Division with Zero in Quotient Symmetry Finding Parts of a Group
  Meaning of Multiplication Triangles Greatest Common Factor
  Mult. and Div. Fact Families   Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions
  Multiply by 1-digit Numbers pt. 1   Multiples and LCM-LCD
  Multiply by 1-digit Numbers pt. 2   Parts of a Whole
  Multiply by 2-digit Numbers pt. 1   Relating Decimals and Fractions
  Multiply by 2-digit Numbers pt. 2   Round Decimals
  Multiply by Multiples of 10   Simplest Form
  Multiply Three Factors   Subtract Fractions with Like Denominators
  Patterns of Multiplication pt. 1   Subtract Fractionswith Unlike Denominators
  Patterns of Multiplication pt. 2   Subtracting Decimals
  Prime and Composite Numbers    
  Properties of Multiplication    
  Relate Mult. and Div. Facts    
Number Sense Statistics Graphing  
Comparing and Ordering Whole Numbers Introduction to Probability Bar Graphs  
Negative and Positive Numbers Mean Coordinate Graphing and X-Y Line Segments  
Order of Operations Probability Tree Diagram Functions and Graphs  
Place Value Through the Millions Probability Line Graphs  
Place Value Through the Millions Pt. 2 Range, Median, Mode Line Plots  
Round Numbers and Money   Pictographs